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Natalie and Aaron Fitzgerald
Minchinbury NSW 2770
Our dog Bonnie is now 12 months old, we treated her like our little child and could not understand why she was not responding to training or our commands.

She slept in our bed and was given full access to the house and yard. She would jump up on visitors, jump on our backdoor until let in, and if the front door was open we would spent hours trying to retrieve her. We were losing our sanity (and lives) to our new dog.

Rick showed us how to get things under control. He explained how the dog thinks- by breaking down training into a "dog pack" mentality and bringing it back to nature, by doing so Bonnie could finally understand what we were asking of her!

Rick The Dog Man has completely changed our lives. His simple yet effective method has put our dog back in her correct place in our house. She has become a welcomed member of our family, and thanks to Rick we now look forward to many fun and enjoyable years with her.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Natalie and Aaron Fitzgerald.

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Since winning the Small Business Award in 1998, House Call Dog Trainer® has been steadily growing into a successful home puppy and dog training service in Sydney, Australia.

Rick The Dog Man® operates his dog and puppy obedience training classes simply by using a mobile phone, a small car and years of knowledge and experience.

Rick’s training methods are unique, as they are not only between Rick and your Dog, but he gets the whole family involved so that his training methods can be utilised by the family for lasting and effective results.

Rick The Dog Man® prides his ability to help people and their dogs get together.
Basic obedience and good mannered dogs are the focus points in Rick’s home dog and puppy training classes. Rick presents a simple training plan to help communication between owners and their dog or puppy

Rick the Dog Man works with best mate Axel the labrador (watch video)

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• Do you need help with your pet dog?

• Does your dog’s behaviour put a strain on your owner/ pet relationship?

• Is your dog’s barking driving you and your neighbours up the wall?

• Does your dog not pay attention to your commands?

• Do you need a cruelty free, easy way to train your dog so that you can enjoy your

• You have come to the right place.

Rick The Dog Man® can help!